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As you view my art you will find that I work in a variety of media using various processes and techniques such as automatic drawing, architectural perspectives and abstractions, distorted and evolving patterns, dynamic and monochrome color palettes to create suggestive fictional narratives that are both open and grounding. I feel as if I am manifesting objects and images of places and spaces into existence that sometimes come across as childish memory or a vivid hallucination of some fantastic reality.  

At times it seems like an amalgamation of places and things that I have seen or experienced. Reality turned upside down, filtered, infused, reorganized through my imagination and reproduced on my own terms. My art is how I communicate with people to illustrate the depth of my experience and the wonderings of my mind. It is my truth. My hope is that when you view my work you allow your mind to wonder through and around each piece and find something familiar, something mysterious, something that stays with you.

Thank you for your time, Croix


2017 - C Waters Gallery, Creede CO
2017 - Creede Historic Hotel Mural, Creede CO
2017 - 2019 Big River Music Sculptures, Creede CO
2015 - East Austin Studio Tours, Austin TX
2015 - Big Ass Canvas Gallery, Austin TX
2015 - Art City Austin, Austin TX
2015 - (3) Works in the Peoples Gallery, Austin City Hall
2013/2016 - West Austin Studio Tours, Austin TX
2012 - West Austin Studio Tour
2010/12 - Austin Bergstrom Airport
2008/10/11 - East Austin Studio Tour
2011 - Multimedia show Illumin, Santa Fe
2010 - Pump Project 2010, Austin
2010 - Pump Project Satellite, Austin
2006/7 - Feral Art Tour, Santa Fe
Gerald Peters Gallery, Santa Fe (Young and Upcoming artists)
Barbara Bowles Gallery, Santa Fe
2004/5 - Santa Fe Center for Contemporary Arts


2018 - Creede Sculpture Show, Creede CO - 2nd Place Winner
2017 - Creede Sculpture Show, Creede CO - 2nd Place Winner


2018 - current Santa Fe, New Mexico - Fabricator for Prescott Studios

2011 - 2016 Austin, Texas - Founding Member of Metal Work,

2010/2012 Austin, Texas - Worked with blacksmith and sculptor Lars Stanley (fabrication of sculptures, and architectural ornamental ironwork).

2010/2012 Austin, Texas - Worked for Nick Brumder, who studied under world renowned blacksmith Francis Whitaker.

2010/2012 Austin, Texas - Worked for architect Mark Meyers, converting shipping containers into mobile restaurants.

2007/2009 Austin, Texas - Lars Stanley Architects and Artisans

2003/2007 New Mexico - Worked with artists Peter Joseph, Jeff Overlie, Rico Eastman, and Dana Chodzko who has continued to fulfill the role of mentor. Gaining valuable experience working at the Shidoni Foundry in Santa Fe, and as an artist for the Kason Group in Tijeras, NM


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